In this section I write some of the most common questions I always get…

Using the Webpage

What does the PREMIUM account includes?

Many extra material and stuff, please click here to see ALL the advantages!

How do I access the Problem Section of any course?

[Watch Video] Login into your Membership Account, then go to “Courses” > “Your Course” > “Premium Area” > “X Problem Section”. Afterwards you may choose any  block of the course you are interested.

May I download any videos?

 NO! You can only access the material online! There is certain material which is downloadable but video material is, in general, protected if not in YouTube.

I can't find a video, where can I find the links to all videos?

There is a “Video Index” for every course including topic, video name and video link

I really want to study here, but I have not enough money/billing possibilities, what can I do?

Hey! Not everything is money! Click here if you want to get access without paying!

I don't want to see Advertising while studying (not in my videos nor in the webpage); what can I do?

I use advertising to pay all the expenses for this project. You can do a donation or register for a Premium account to get rid of the ads.

Why can't I access the library/problem section?

Probably you are not logged in as a Premium member. If you are logged in, please contact us.  Your account should be “active” for that Level or Course.

Using/manage Profile

How do I register?

[Watch Video]. Click in the “Register” Button. Choose the course you want to register. Enter all data needed (name, username, e-mail, etc.). Follow the procedure in PayPal and you will get INSTANT Access!

How do I Log-in?

[Watch Video] Go to the upper-most section of the webpage. Click on “Log in”. Enter your username and password. If you do NOT have a username and password you need to Register.

How do I log out?

[Watch Video] Just click in the upper-right-most button “Logout”.

I've lost my password. How do I get it back?

[Watch Video] Go to “Log-in” button and click it. There you will find a “username” and “password” area. Under those sections, you will find a link button “Lost my Password”. Click it. You will need to enter either your username or registered e-mail. Then you need to choose a new password. A renew-your-password e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail. Follow the e-mail instructions and you will set a new password.

How do I reset/change my password

[Watch Video] Go to the upper-right-most section of any page and click in the “Membership Account” button. Click in Change Password link. You will be directed to another page. There search for the “New Password” section and “Confirm New Password”. Go and click to the “Update Profile”

How do I change my Avatar (user icon)?

[Watch Video] Go to the upper-right-most section of any page and click in the “Membership Account” button. Click in the “Edit Profile” link. Go to the Avatar Section. Select an image, upload it and change it. Then click in the “Update Profile” button and all changes will be saved.

When does my Account Expires?

[Watch Video] Go to the upper-right-most section of any page and click in the “Membership Account” button. There you can see when your account “Expires”. If you do not cancel your account, you will be billed that day for an extra month subscription.

Where can I check my Account Status and Other Information?

[Watch Video] Go to the upper-right-most section of any page and click in the “Membership Account” button. You can find there many information of your personal account.

Where do I check my Payment History?

[Watch Video] Go to the upper-right-most section of any page and click in the “Membership Account” button. You will find a section in which you can see all the “Past Invoices“. An invoice is a payment/movement on your account.

Why can't I login?

Either Username and/or Password is Wrong. If you are sure they are right please contact us directly.

How much does registration costs?

Varies depending on the course. Mass Balance Course starts at $7.99 per month. Go to our course offering here.

May I unregister whenever I want?

[Watch Video] YES! You can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

How do I cancel a monthly registration?

[Watch Video] Cancel via your “Membership Account” dashboard. Click in “Cancel my account”. Or you can always contact us to cancel your account payment.

Is any other person allowed to use my account?

ONLY YOU may use the account. If there is sufficient evidence to prove that you are sharing your account data, it will be permanently cancelled as well as your billing information.


When are you going to upload X course?

 I’m working everyday in a course, just send me an e-mail if you want to know when I plan to upload Course “X”. Normally, I post news on courses in a NOTE in the courses page (just at the bottom).

Where do you studied? I want to know more about you!

Please go to my bio here!


I need urgently some tutorials... May I Contact you specifically for this?

YES! go to this link.

Why do you charge for this service?

Essentially for paying the webpage maintenance and my living costs. Click here if you don’t want to be charged and still study!

How much do you charge?

Depends on time and topics, go to this link for extra information.

Do you use Skype for tutoring?

Might be, depends on arrangement.