Hey there! This project needs cash to flow!

I use donations for:

  • Logos: Design and trademarking
  • Template: design
  • Webpage: hosting, domain name, backup, etc.
  • Videos: Video hosting and backup protection
  • Books
  • Office material (paper, pens, pencils, etc.)
  • Online material/magazine subscription
Together we can make it happen!

Together we can make it happen!

Thank you for your donations… I will contemplate the next while donating:

$5: Special Thanks Mail. Your mail will be added to the “Subscriber e-mail List”

$10: My Chemical Engineering Collection of Books and Booklets list (material is copyrighted)

$20: Personal e-Book about my experience on Chemical Engineering and about the future of Chemical Engineer/Engineering.

$50: contact via personal mail/chat/skype (1 hour)

$100 and up: direct contact!