My humble Bio…because what comes form the heart must be shared at once!

I’m a Mexican Engineer. .. And I love it, both, being Mexican and being an Engineer.

When I was young, people asked me all the time, what are you going to study when you grow up? I really didn’t know what to tell them, I just wanted something that had something to do with maths, I loved maths. But there was a little problem, I was supposed to choose a branch that used math and that actually liked me… or liked me the most.

I started to ask questions to myself, what do you want to do in life?

I always wanted to understand and work with machines, so I thought in applying to the Mechanical or Electrical Engineering area. But didn’t see myself 100% there.

I was in love with Physics and understanding the Universe, so I thought in applying for Astrophysics or Physics Engineer… But didn’t quite well convinced me.

Then I stumbled upon the question of “what about chemistry?”. I always loved chemistry and the interactions of substances between each other such as reactions, transformation and even explosions. I also loved that chemistry was a “difficult and scary” subject, because then I could crack it…

And thus, I chose Chemical Engineering… and haven’t regret it and probably never will!

Engineering helped me a lot to understand how the world works but I had never have the time to even try to understand how life works… to be honest to you guys, it really didn’t matter to me 🙁

I used to be that type of student that studied hard and a lot; not going to parties or getting drunk because next day was “study-time”… It worked very well to get good grades but not to really to get to know life or the world.

But then I got this epiphany… Yes a good idea at last!

Why not going to Germany for some semester abroad study? It is the country of all modern chemical engineering, so… why not going there? It made totally sense to a 20-year-old guy.

Besides, I could learn some german and get to know beautiful girls. Worst case scenario: I don’t learn SHIT and get back to reality in Mexico which I had assured if I didn’t applied.

Drawbacks weren’t that bad as I thought… So I decided to study german and get a scholarship for my dream to come true.

Some months later I was in Germany living new experiences, new language, new currency, new people, new places… Everything was NEW and not only that… for the first time I felt ALIVE.

After one year abroad in Germany I realized how beautiful life is. I started experimenting with it. I’m not great fan of this “YOLO” world but at that moment I was totally doing that.

I would go and experiment on people, places, foods, ideas, travel and anything that crossed my mind rather than attending classes, studying, and writing exams.

Then got back to Mexico, studied my last semester and…

YES! I finally graduated...

But what happens when you graduate using my stupid logic? You start working! Because life is all about Work (yeah! sure…)

Please don’t get me wrong guys, but at that moment I was totally confused on what I wanted to do… Should I go back to Germany for a Master degree? Or maybe apply for a job in Germany? Or should I stay in Mexico and work like all my friends were doing?

And yes, I chose the most comfy solution… I found a job in Mexico!

Work helped me to get money and keep buying all those stuff I wanted as a kid, teen and adolescent. I really felt independent, I could go and travel, I could buy all the clothing I wanted, I could dine in the best places, I could get the most expensive whiskeys, I could do almost anything one young man could ever wanted… but something was wrong… and really, really wrong.

I didn’t loved my work and I actually disliked it 90% of the time. I hated Mondays and loved Friday afternoons. I was those guys screaming and posting TGIF everywhere…

I hated it because my dreams were gone: no traveling, no free time, no new experiences, and worst of all… that awkward sensation of losing your life while just watching how it goes to the toilet! TERRIBLE sensation.

After some months I decided to quit and start something new… It has been one of the best decisions of my life until now (and NO, I don’t regret quitting)

So here I am opening this new Online Academy full of Courses for students all around the world that want to learn come Chemical Engineering!

And I prefer working here with less money; than working in a place where I feel all my life is being drained for money…

Right now I’m happy to tell you that I do stuff I love… and I want to share all that stuff I’m creating with you guys!

This project is not only mine… It’s also yours… It’s ours!

So don’t hesitate to ask, comment, like, dislike, share, help, or anything with me!

Hopefully you help me build this dream come true.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my small bio!


Chemical Engineering Guy